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Mar 10 - Mar 10

Rocky Mountain GPA Ski bus to Copper Mountain
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Apr 13 - Apr 13

2017 Colorado Manufacturing Awards
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The Touchbolt™ Assembly is designed to interface with the following Easter-Owens TBM5-TERM and ELCML-3 Modules. There are three bolt options available to meet your needs; the Panel, Through Wall and Fixture Mount.

From Lighting Control Panels to
Public transportation,

Easter-Owens examines every facet of a project and makes sure it's done right.


Easter-Owens has a long history of partnering with the government for a variety of projects and applications. Whether it’s designing a lighting control panel for public transportation or creating a controls console for a jail or prison facility, Easter-Owens examines every facet of the project and is extremely familiar and comfortable with the process of providing solutions for all levels of the government.