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CAPRE’s 4th Annual Denver DC Summit
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Featured Product

Bussed Gutters are now available for purchase. The ampacities are from 400 to 4000. Fabricated from 12 gauge cold-rolled steel with mounting ears for easy installation. Standard three-phase/four-wire configuration and custom configurations available. Lengths of up to 30 feet are ULlisted and please consult factory for larger lengths. Available in a horizontal or vertical design.

Shipping Capabilities

There’s no distance too far. No matter the size, quantity or distance we’ll get it to you.


Easter-Owens is not limited to shipping within the United States and the size, nor the location, of your project is out of scope for our team. We’ve built and shipped 96 control panels with mimic boards that monitor/control power applications of the Aswan Dam to Aswan, Egypt. We’ve also created and shipped an entire turnkey PDC building equipped with a Culter Hammer MCC Line, UPS:5000 AMP service switchboard, three HVAC units, a computer floor and a specialized fire alarm system to Dubai.

Check out the growing list of locations we’ve shipped to:

Antarctica    |    Australia   |    Canada   |    Colombia   |    Chile   |    Dubai   |    Egypt   |  
  Guam   |    Ghana   |    Iraq     |    Italy  |    Mexico   |    Nigeria   |    Peru   |    Russia   |    Spain




Support Services

Part of the Easter-Owens mission is standing out among our competition, which is why we offer product, project management and support services. It is our priority to offer these services from the budget stage through project completion.